WIX Filters - Guaranteed Quality

We use WIX® Filters, manufactured by WIX-FILTRON Sp.z.o.o. because they offer a full guarantee similar to that of car manufacturers - namely that in the unlikely event of their parts failing then they will not only replace the part but pay the cost of repair including damage caused by the failure.

WIX-FILTRON Sp.z.o.o. can offer this guarantee not only because of the extremely high quality of their products, but because in many cases WIX supply the original filters to the car manufacturers!

In fact WIX-FILTRON Sp.z.o.o. certifies that the filters and filter inserts in their “WIX FILTERS 2014” catalogue are original spare parts or equivalent spare parts in terms of quality, as defined by the Group Exemption Regulation 461/2010.

So with WIX® Filters you get the quality of the manufacturer’s part, but only pay a fraction of the price and it does not affect your manufacturer’s guarantee!